Woodstock Massage

Natural Healing for Body and Soul


Cornelia Logan is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in NY state. She has been practicing in the woodstock area for over 20 years, Specializing in deep tissue, swedish, and acupressure, which are incorporated into the massage session as needed.

Her focus is on the therapeutic nature of massage, to use enough pressure to release muscle tension, without causing pain, to assist in the detoxification of the lymphatic system, and to find trigger points (knots) where direct pressure is indicated. As a result of letting go of stress and tension, clients say they feel "lighter" after the massage session.

Photo of Cornelia

Studies show that we are chemically altered by massage. Stress hormones (cortisol) are decreased, while lymphocites (white blood cells that are part of the immune system) are increased. This equates to major health benefits!

The intention is to assist each client in reaching a higher state of balance in mind and body by applying her knowledge of the muscular skeletal system with her keen intuitive sensing.


Swedish-Deep Tissue Massage

Long, flowing strokes of the Swedish massage promote increased circulation and blood flow, while Deep Tissue brings more focus to specific joint, muscle or muscle groups. Combining these with pressure point release, ads to the Therapeutic benefits which include, Improved circulation, Rehabilitation, Pain relief, improved flexibility/Mobility, Low blood Pressure, stress relief, and Relaxation.

Hot Rocks

Heated basalt lava massasge stones with traditional Swedish massage techniques to relieve muscular tension and melt away stress.

Facial Massage & Steam Clay Cleanse

Add a half hour facial to your massage or enjoy an hour treatment:
Facial massage and steam using organic Weleda products for cleansing and hydration. Clay masque, Neck/scalp massage, hands and feet too!

Infra-Red Sauna

Half hour in the Sauna before or after your massage or facial really adds to the health benefits:
Promoting detoxification of toxins, including heavy metals, reduces pain and inflammation, speeds recovery from injuries, and deepens levels of stress relief and relaxation.
Kangen ionized/Alkalized water served with Sauna.


60 min massage $100
90 min massage $150

30 min facial added to Massage $50
60 min Facial $100

Add Sauna to your session for $25
Towels and shower provided.

We accept cash or credit
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